Are you ready to…

master your thoughts & emotions with compassion

experience genuine self-esteem

enjoy positive relationships with everyone you know

relax and feel calm no matter what

embrace pleasure daily

create miracles through clear intentions

transform obstacles into playgrounds

release beliefs that no longer serve you

let the good times roll

level UP with ease and grace

I have a knack for deeply accepting, celebrating and inspiring people towards a lighthearted life. We start with understanding what’s happening. Then we figure out what beliefs and patterns are actively causing pain points. Next we create a new story based on faith, pure intentions and new ideas. Finally, we work together to create an action plan that inspires. 

Having problems doesn’t mean you ARE a problem, it just means you are a human. If you are alive then you are going to experience all kinds of feelings. Although some of those might feel awful right now, feeling is a really good thing. Nothing has gone as wrong as you might think and the answers are closer than they might appear. Together we can break through the heavy past and allow a brand new reality to unfold.

I offer clients a unique perspective drawn from my years of experience as a licensed therapist. I understand how the nervous system, thoughts and emotions, the inner world of beliefs (including the inner child) and protective conditions all nestle together with the true self, quantum physics, mindset, and humor. Understanding these things can and will change your life!

What is a therapeutic lightworker?

Quite simply, a lightworker is someone who is here to help transmute the darkness of fear and ego into the light of love and truth. Lorissa is also a licensed professional counselor, practicing therapy since 2009. She has studied and taught transformational practices for 15 years.

Where do sessions take place?

Lorissa is offering virtual sessions in Orange County, California.

How do I contact Lorissa?

Please email Lorissa with your questions. Also follow instagram for more information.

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