Are you in survival mode?

Do all your problems feel like crises?

Do your emotions feel like problems?

Do you feel you are to blame?

Have you forgotten who you are?

Do you want to understand your patterns?

Do you want to shine your unique light?

Do you want to learn about meditation?

Do you want to get around resistance?

Do you want to feel calm?

Do you want to open your heart?

Do you want to create safety in your body?

As a seasoned therapist, licensed in Colorado for over 15 years, mother of three young children, I offer a unique perspective that includes an understanding of the nervous system, thoughts and emotions, the inner world (including the inner child, inner protectors and the true self essence) all nestled together with quantum physics, mindset, and humor!

I can shine a light of kindness and insight into your personal patterns around survival and then help you melt or alchemize that old pain to create new possibilities that carry you straight into thriving! As long as there is even one thing that you find “unacceptable” about yourself, then you are not yet free. I can show you how to welcome that aspect of yourself and expand your potential to be more present.

I offer personal support and guidance for people who are ready to feel more fun and freedom instead of fight or flight!

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